Advertising & Marketing

WHAT IF? This is the question that everyone asks one time or another.

What if… my family is forced to evacuate because of fire?

What if… due to economic uncertainty, I lose my job and have no means to feed my family?

What if… one of my family members is injured during an outing (soccer game, wilderness hike, fishing trip, boating experience, hunting trip, car accident etc)?

R.F. Bunker Franchisee owners have all the answers to these questions and more! As a franchise owner, you will become the center of your community. You will become the expert on emergencies that everyone around you will seek out. You will become the hero.

Along with you loyal customer base, you will gain the power of the R.F. Bunker brand. Superior brands are powered by superior marketing. Despite your level of expertise and experience, it is assuring to know that we will be there every step of the way to support you and your R.F. Bunker Team.


The R.F. Bunker Franchise System benefits from our nation-wide advertising and public relations campaigns. Our name has become a beacon of hope, safety and protection within our communities around the country.

Below are just a few things we take pride in offering our Franchisee’s

  1. Grand Opening Materials and Community Invitations
  2. Point of sale materials and 24/7 support
  3. Merchandise planning
  4. Radio, TV and Print Advertisements
  5. Continued consumer and market research
  6. Local and National Promotions & Campaigns
  7. Industry statistics and target market surveys
  8. Social Media Platforms
  9. Online marketing material access
  10. Website support
  11. Yearly Franchisee Conference
  12. Newsletter : Life-line tips for customer retention, increased profit margins, target market penetration, advertising programs, marketing suggestions.
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