When your life is in question, how important is it to trust your emergency equipment?

R.F. Bunker believes that proper emergency preparedness and quality emergency gear go hand-in-hand. It is essential to trust every piece of your emergency supply arsenal, from your Food, water, shelter, First Aid equipment, emergency bags, emergency tools (Knives, axes, shovels, ladders, masks etc), and most importantly the knowledge that sustains every decision during an emergency. Your life will depend on this equipment and knowledge. Not only do you need to know that it is the right equipment for you and your situation, you will also need to understand its emergency features, functions and how it handles BEFORE you make your purchasing decision.

R.F. Bunker assures trust in every customer By:

Supplying: high quality, sufficiently tested and affordably priced emergency equipment and survival gear.

Supporting: each customer with answers to every question and providing assurance that their complete emergency needs are accommodated before they leave the store.

Educating: every customer on product knowledge, evacuation and emergency planning, community emergency involvement and survival techniques to ensure better buying decisions.

The R.F. Bunker business model is based on attracting, retaining and growing our customer base. By building trust, we insure continued business growth and servicing the community in the Emergency Preparedness industry.