Bunker Business Strengths

What Makes Us Stand Out from the Competition?

Emergency supplies you can bet your life on: Will you trust your life with just any product? R.F. Bunker sets itself apart from online stores by providing the hands-on experience necessary to make the correct purchasing decision for the right emergency equipment, customized to every loyal customers unique needs.

Brand Recognition: Why do customers buy from our stores? With store locations ranging across the Untied states, customers trust the R.F. Bunker brand as one they can count on for their emergency needs. Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping in one store for all their emergency supply needs. This convenience generates a brand-loyal customer base and insures that every customer question is answered by an experienced Emergency Specialist in each store.

Dominant Marketing Position: How does R.F. Bunker compete? Every R.F. Bunker store carries up to 10 times more emergency supplies and survival products than any online and / or big box stores. Its market strategy will continue to dominate market share in the Emergency Preparedness industry and maintain its unique market niche as a retail emergency supply center.

Dependable Product Categories: Can I sustain product superiority over the competition? With rising awareness in the emergency preparedness industry and increasing emergency crisis events such as hurricanes, tornados, fires, floods, earthquakes and power outages, R.F. Bunker’s seven primary product line categories remains dependable and continue to grow with the needs of its customer base. Over 2000 R.F. Bunker-tested products continue to guarantee safety, security and confidence for every emergency need.

Privacy and Discretion you can Trust: Trust is earned…As Online and credit card fraud cases explode throughout the United States, R.F. Bunker provides a safe and protected place to shop as it does not sell or harvest personal information of any customer. Our growing customer base trusts shopping our stores because they know we do not put their personal information at risk or profit from selling customer addresses, phone numbers and demographic information.