At R.F. Bunker, we believe in your future as a franchise store owner. We pledge to maintain the highest of standards and operations in franchising for all of our Franchisee Team. You will represent the single most important factor in the success of your R.F. Bunker franchise store and must be prepared to invest the time necessary to achieve your goals and be willing to make sacrifices in accomplishing these goals. We attract franchisee hopefuls that have made the commitment to success, strive to make a difference in our families and community and share our objective to continue setting the standard of the emergency preparedness industry.


The Process

Q: How Long does the franchisee application approval process take?

A: From the time the application is received by R.F. Bunker Corporate, the approval process will take approximately 7 business days.


Q: What are the steps in the Franchise process?

A: View the Steps to Franchising a R.F. Bunker page.


Q: What is the term of the franchise agreement?

A: The initial term is seven years, after which the agreement may be renewed twice for additional five-year terms. Renewal is subject to our approval and will be at the then current franchise terms, conditions and renewal fees.


Q: I would like to review the franchise agreement. Will you send me one?

A: Our franchise agreement is a valued document which we do not indiscriminately distribute. Once you have a personal meeting with a member of our franchise development team, we will be happy to provide you with a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to help you in deciding whether to pursue the R.F. Bunker opportunity.


Q: I am ready to become a Hero! What do I do now?

A: Fill out and submit the confidential Introductory Form. Once this is received, one of our franchise development team will forward a Franchise Application to begin the process of opening your R.F. Bunker franchise store.


Franchise Stores, Operations & Training

Q: How do I know which development areas are available?

A: R.F. Bunker has a team of experts that will support your site selection needs, as well as, negotiating the lease terms for your store location.


Q: What is the franchise policy on operational assistance in opening my R.F. Bunker?

A: R.F. Bunker, in addition to our extensive training program, will assist you every step of the way with assistance in properly opening your store, your grand opening and maintaining opening procedures. With tangible timelines and personal guidance from our experienced franchise specialists, you will be in good hands when opening your R.F. Bunker Store.


Q: Do you have any continuing operational guidance that I can reference in supporting my store?

A: Yes. You will receive a R.F. Bunker Franchise Operations manual to assist you in day-to-day store operations; direct in-store support from a dedicated franchise specialist; ongoing purchasing services; inventory management; financial services; technical assistance; security updates; as well as navigation and resources through our intranet assistance portal for promotional, marketing, employee training, product knowledge and operational business needs.


Q: What type of training can I expect from R.F. Bunker?

A: The R.F. Bunker Training program begins with a week long engagement at “Bunker University”, where every new franchise store owner will be taught every operational and fundamental system needed to build a successful R.F. Bunker retail store. Each Franchise owner will be required to successfully complete this training program provided at Bunker University. University specialized programs will be customized to your store location and include segments such as, Point-of-Sale, finance, back office, merchandising, inventory management, employee management, regulatory management, and advertising, marketing and promoting your store. In addition to our specialized training, we will also offer in-store training at the model Colorado store, on-site training at your store location during your opening week, monthly training webinars, and an entire library of training and operational videos housed on our franchise intranet system.


Q: Is there an exclusive territory provision in the R.F. Bunker Franchise?

A: Yes. Every Franchise Owner will be awarded an exclusive territory that will protect the territory under the terms of your franchise agreement.


Q: Can I sell my R.F. Bunker store?

A: Definitely. Like any other business, you may sell your R.F. Bunker emergency supply center to a buyer approved by the company. There will be a transfer fee for administrative, training and legal expenses that may affect the transfer.


Franchise Fees

Q: What is the initial franchise fee?

A: $40,000


Q: What features are included in the total investment? 

A: Build-out and Construction, Fixtures, Opening Inventory, Equipment, Signage, Location & Lease for Three Months, POS and computers, Promotional Materials, Firearms licensing, Training & training materials, Insurance, Professional Services, Grand Opening and additional funded needed for lead time.


Q: What is the total investment that I would need to purchase a R.F. Bunker Franchise? 

A: You will need approximately $ 158,000- $ 299,000.*

* Estimate only—amounts vary by location and store footprint


Q: What is the franchising royalty fee? 

A: The royalty fee is five percent * of your gross sales, and is exclusive of any sales tax and documented refunds.

* six percent if your store operates without the FFL license (see FDD for details)


Q: Does R.F. Bunker offer any financing solutions? 

A: R.F. Bunker has access to financing options for qualified candidates at select locations.


Q: How much will I earn by owning a R.F. Bunker Franchise? 

A: Your earnings capability will depend on a number of factors, such as your store location, the amount of time you spend in growing your store, your business and retail acumen, as well as market conditions and economic impact. Naturally, as in any business venture there is no guarantee of your business success or profitability. However, R.F. Bunker Franchise has already absorbed the learning curve for you and has honed its well-organized system by refining the concept by our many years of experience. Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) provides the only earnings claim we are allowed by law to make.


Q: How much is the Federal Firearms License (FFL) going to cost? How long will it take me to apply and receive my FFL? 

A: In most states the cost of a FFL application ranges from $300-$500. It will take up to 90 days from the time the ATF receives your FFL application and fee.


Q: What happens with my Franchise Store if I am not awarded a FFL? 

A: Every situation is different. Depending on the details of your denial, you may still be awarded a franchise under the franchise agreement provisions.

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