How is does the industry support the success of R.F. Bunker?

Increase Volatility in Natural Disasters Activity

Today’s population is surpassing 309 Million Americans citizens and growing 9.7% each decade. When a natural disaster, such as a flood, fire, earthquake, or hurricane, decimates a location; what once was a disaster impacting hundreds of people has now escalated to an overwhelming emergency crisis impacting thousands if not hundreds of thousands! Less than 1% of the population is prepared for any emergency that will likely change their and their families lives forever.

Aging Population

By the year 2030, over 110 million of the population in the United States will be over the age of 50. This aging population will control over 1/3 of the disposable income in America and their primary focus will encompass implementing plans to protect themselves and their families from unexpected emergency situations. This dominating population demographic will control 1/2 of all the consumer spending and begin providing solutions to weather the increasing natural disasters, civil unrest and economic crisis impacting themselves, their families and their communities. This demographic is known to hold strong to traditional values, such as depending on themselves and their community during emergencies, preparing “Root Cellars” and emergency storage areas with food, water, and emergency supplies in case of widespread crisis, and most importantly, educating each other on the strength of self-defense against aggressors.

Broader Consumer Awareness

A desire to protect ourselves, preserve our communities way of life and increased survival shows have resulted in increased awareness of the fragility of our safety, security and sustainability of our livelihoods in America.

Increased Focus on Self-Reliance

During emergency rescue attempts, the majority of the nations 50 largest cities only have the capacity to save 6%-10% of the population impacted by any disaster event. There is a growing number of Emergency-Oriented consumers aware of the importance in preparing emergency supplies to mitigate against unexpected life-changing experiences, decrease personal impact of these crisis situations and rebound quickly after each emergency situation.