Purchasing Power

Definition: The number of goods or services that can be purchased with a unit of currency.

Note: If your monetary income stays the same, however, the price level of a good or service increases, your purchasing power of your earned income will fall.


What does this mean for you as the Franchisee?

  • The R.F. Bunker utilizes its purchasing power to negotiate the lowest possible price for each product in the stores. They then pass on this savings to the Franchisee to generate a larger profit margin…More money in your pocket.
  • Competitive Advantage: Purchasing power allows every R.F. Bunker store to offer lower prices on their emergency supplies. You now have the ability to run a smaller retail store with big box store and online prices! Smaller “copy cat” stores without the purchasing power can not compete with our pricing structure.
  • R.F. Bunker customers are budget conscientious. By providing a One-stop-retail shop for emergency supplies and survival gear—with an affordable price tag, you will establish customer loyalty based solely on providing quality products at competitive prices.
  • More for your money… Franchisee store owners will be able to stock more products for less capital investment.
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