Our Story

Bob2R.F. Bunker’s self-reliant spirit was inspired by events that caused both, great pain and undeniable demonstration of personal will.  Founders, Steven Puckett and Dawn Huston began their design of a survival and Emergency supply center based off of unexpected emergencies that touch everyone’s life.

George Dorry, a dear friend and future partner in the emergency preparedness store (at the time, still being designed on a coffee-house napkin) was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  He spent his last year designing and preparing emergency bags, medical first aid kits and 72 hour bags (that he lovingly called B.O.B.’s) for his family, friends and community.  He understood the importance of self reliance and preparing for the unexpected. More importantly, he understood the undeniable fact that he would not be there to protect and provide for his loved ones in the near future, so time was of essence.  His preparation would insure the safety and security that his vast circle of support would need, as well as, provide the future protection necessary for comfort and happiness even though he would not be there to do it himself.  George marveled at the old pioneer days, where cowboys, trappers, traders, miners, soldiers and homesteaders would visit remote trading posts to load up on the supplies essential for survival of the wild and untamed “West”.   “Hook up your horse, load up on supplies (food, water, tools) and get back on the trail!” was George’s rally cry.

George passed away April 2012, leaving the legacy and inspiration of  R.F. Bunker Emergency Supply Center retail stores.

The R.F. Bunker Team, together with the remaining founders, continue to grow his legacy encapsulated in every R.F. Bunker store. By Supplying the highest quality of affordable emergency gear on the market and stocking the store with hard-to-find, unique items essential to surviving any emergency situation, Supporting the discretion and privacy of our customer family and Educating our customer family about product knowledge and practical use of over 2000 store item while assigning emergency specialists to answer any emergency question customers need to know in making an educated buying decision, R.F. Bunker has created a retail experience that meets every Hero’s expectations for protecting themselves, their families and the community.

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