Who We Are

R.F. Bunker, headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, is the fastest growing retail Emergency Supply Center.

Our dedication to supplying emergency equipment, supporting emergency needs and educating families, communities, and the nation about protecting and persevering through life’s unexpected emergencies, is the arch stone of R.F. Bunker’s business model. R.F. Bunker is quickly becoming a primary resource for leadership and sourcing emergency equipment and supplies needed to insure safety and security of our way of life throughout the United States.

At R.F. Bunker, we love to share our experiences of emergency preparedness, and we know first-hand the importance of quality and affordable emergency gear. As the fastest growing emergency supply center in the United States, R.F. Bunker creates an environment that the survivalist in all of us will appreciate and quickly rely on for emergency needs.

With over 2000 emergency items available under one solid roof, we can ensure that everyone who walks through our doors will find the protection, safety, security and provisions essential to survival during unexpected life experiences.

R.F. Bunker sets the standard in the Emergency Preparedness industry by demanding quality products, providing large emergency supply selection, and knowledgeable emergency specialists in every R.F. Bunker store.

It takes days, if not months, to locate the emergency supplies that every family needs to protect during an crisis. At R.F. Bunker, our stores function as a one stop shop for every emergency need, ranging from First Aid, Long Term Food and Food Storage, Water Filtration and Water Storage, Emergency and 72 hour bags, Self Defense, Emergency Tools, knives, firearms, emergency lighting, communications and Solar equipment. Within a couple of hours, R.F. Bunker stores will outfit families with everything they will need to insure emergency peace-of-mind.